Gloria from Queens, NY
Nicole gave me a reading in 2014. She said that I will soon meet a man with blue eyes who comes from far away, was married before, has a son, I will marry him and be very happy. Shortly after that I met my husband who has blue eyes, used to live in Australia, was married, has a son and now we are married!
Michelle from Baton Rouge, LA
I wanted to buy a house in my native country. Nicole said that I'll receive an excellent offer from my native town, of a house with a lateral long yard, parallel to the house, where the sun shines at noon, and a vegetable garden. The house is situated on a big piece of land and is a good investment for later development; in very good shape, would have only 1 bathroom, I'll have to build another one, and nearby is a flowing water, maybe an artesian fountain. Afterwards, I received the pictures of a house for sale, from my hometown and the description fits 100%. Also, the house is in a very good neighborhood, near a park which hosts an artesian fountain.
Andriana from Manhattan, NY
Nicole told me in 1999 that at the Green Card interview my husband will be asked some tricky questions and if he doesn't pay attention, the Green Card will be denied. As she said, my husband didn't pay attention and the Green Card was denied. My mother was sick and I was fearing for her life. Nicole said my mother will be OK, will live long enough and that my father will pass before my mom. My father passed away in January 2017. I was trying very hard in 2017 to get a new location that I liked for my business. The landlord rented the place to somebody else. Nicole said that the landlord and the new tenant will argue, break the lease and I will get the place I wanted. After 3 months Nicole's words came true, the landlord argued with the tenant, broke the lease and so I got the place that I wanted so much, very happy right now.
Iannis from Queens, NY
My restaurant business was not going very well, so I heard of Nicole. The reading was very useful, I got some tips about how to attract more customers. I was shocked when I heard my business partner was cheating and stealing money from the business. Afterwards, it took me about 6 months to investigate, but I got the proof that my business partner was helping himself with money from our business. Thanks Nicole! I'm very grateful!
Gulnara From Kazakhstan
I was very unhappy with my career, I was feeling I am going nowhere. Nicole showed me what to do and that changed my situation. She said she sees a new path for me if I go to a medical school that will last about two years. A new job at a doctor's office after I finish the school. I listened to her, I enrolled in the medical school for ultrasound technicians and I am so happy now because I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Candan from Queens, NY
I met Nicole in person, she also gave me a Turkish coffee cup reading, which I enjoyed most because I am born in Turkey. She told me in the coffee cup reading that I have to be careful because there is gonna be a fire near my house in Istanbul. After less than a month this happened, but I was relaxed because Nicole said the fire will not affect my house. She told me we will fix our house here in Queens and my husband has to be careful because he could suffer an accident in the process. I told him to be careful, he said he doesn't believe in psychics and readings. We had the construction in the house, my husband fell from ladder and almost broke his leg.
Jack from the Caribbean Islands
I have never met Nicole in person, but she told me over the phone that I will sell my business for a fair price and I will get 4 share payments and that is how it happened. She also said that I will break up with my girlfriend in September, which I didn't believe at that time, but in September 2019 we indeed break up.
Abdullah from Brooklyn, NY
Nicole was very useful at a recent point of my life, helping me to make the right decision. I was dating a girl whom I liked very much, but she was reluctant to marry me because I have three children from a previous marriage. Nicole said to get over it because I will meet another woman whom I will marry. I simply couldn't see that but Nicole opened my eyes. Afterwards, I had some discussions with my girlfriend and she said her family doesn't want her to marry a father of three. So, we put the end to our relationship and shortly I met my current girlfriend with whom I am very happy and hope to marry soon.
Laura from Hungary
I lost my job and I was full of fear because I couldn't find anything similar to work. Nicole told me not to lose hope because in a couple of weeks I'll find a job even better than the lost one, where I'll make enough money to pay my bills. In 2 weeks, January 2020, I got a new job, where my earnings were even higher than before.
Dimtra from Queens, NY
I am Nicoles client since 2015 and she really was a big moral support for me, in my darkest times. I could say that she is more than a psychic and adviser, she is a life coach and a friend. She opened my eyes about my boyfriend. She said he sees another woman and I'll see them together in a restaurant. After a month I saw my boyfriend with another woman in a restaurant. She said they are going together on vacation and I'll find out. After 2 months, I saw their picture together in the Caribbean Island Aruba posted on his and her Facebook. Nicoles help was crucial for my life decisions and my healing after all these awful experiences.
Marie from Paris, France
My boyfriend was in jail in France. I was desperate and I asked Nicole what she sees. Nicole said my boyfriend will be out of jail in 4 to 6 weeks. Indeed, he was out of jail in one month, during December 2019. Very happy and very grateful to Nicole, I have been consulting her for the past 4 years, she was never wrong about anything.
Athena from Queens, NY
I asked Nicole what will happen if I tell my husband that I want to divorce him. Nicole said: "He will ask you 50,000 dollars". Afterwards I told my husband that I want to divorce him. At that point he did ask me for a sum around 50,000 dollars.
Sofia from Los Angeles, CA
When I get a reading from Nicole, I always ask her about my family. In summer 2017 I asked her about my brother who lives in Colombia. Nicole said that he and his wife will buy a house with a store at the ground floor and a big backyard. After 4 months, my brother and his wife bought a house with a big backyard, and they started a new business in the store from the ground floor.
Sarah from Florida
I think Nicole is one of the best readers ever, she has never met me but over the phone she gave me direction and brought a lot of hope in my life. She told me that after I finish school, I will work on getting my phD and this is indeed what I wanted to do. She told me that if I take my ex-husband to Court, I will win the child support case and this is what I was planning to do. She told me that my ex-boyfriend is confused and messy (which is true). She said we will never get back together and this helped me to let him go. She told me that this year I will meet a new man whom I will marry, be very happy and have twins boys in the future.
Inna from Brooklyn, NY
Me and my friends planned to go to Thailand and Singapore for the winter holidays. Nicole said it will be only three of us and despite that in the beginning we planned a bigger group, only me and another two friends ended up going on this trip. Nicole was also very helpful last summer, when the relationship with my mom was not so great. However, she encouraged me to go back to Russia and rebuild the relationship, with the prediction that this will turn out to be good. So, I traveled to back home to Russia and now my relationship with my mom is terrific and we are both very happy.
Rebecca from Israel
I have consulted many psychics and card readers in my life, but what makes Nicole different and why I stick with her, is her honesty. She never sugarcoats anything. If it's good, it's good. If it's bad, it's bad, she's gonna tell you to make you aware, so you can avoid what is bad. She is also excellent when reading the past and the present, she described my past and my present circumstance very accurately during first reading. This proved to me that she is a genuine psychic with years of expertise.